Are Pokemon evil

Updated: 4/28/2022
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no only the trainers are evil

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Q: Are Pokemon evil
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Why is Pokemon evil?

Pokemon isn't evil!!!! D:

How do you get evil Pokemon?

No Pokemon is ever truly evil. You may be thinking about Shadow Pokemon.

List of evil Pokemon?

There are no evil Pokemon. Only Pokemon raised by bad people, but that is only because they were trained to be bad.

How do you get evil Pokemon on platinum?

define evil and i will tell you if you can or can't. Dark Pokemon: yes in the Old Chateau, Pokemon grave, ect.

Why is Pokmon evil?

Pokemon Are Not Evil they just faint the opjectson of the game is to beat the champion in the Pokemon league

Where to get evil ball in Pokemon diamond?

An Evil Ball DOES NOT exist

Is dusknoir evil or good in Pokemon in explorers of time?


Is Pokemon evil in religion?


In Pokemon ranger shadows of almia is mr kincay evil?

"mr kincaid is evil in Pokemon ranger shawdows of almia."

Why does team rocket steal Pokemon?

It Because. The Member Of Team Rocket Are Evil. They Use The Pokemon for evil stuff and they somethings do things like try to do some evil stuff.

Are there such thing as evil Pokemon on diamond?

There is a glitch Pokemon, "BAD EGG".

What is the most evil Pokemon?

well theres really no evil Pokemon but there is a dark Pokemon hondome is the dark Pokemon so its evil i guess and mew two hes evil to! actually mewtwo isn't evil he is just really angry. the only truly evil Pokemon is spiritomb, the ghost dark type Pokemon from generation loves nothing more then to reak havok and cause cause so it was sealed away in the odd keystone to trap it inside.-pokitrokit That or Darkrai, who is a dark ledgendary Pokemon. Apparently he's done many evil deeds and rather than his evilness being apart of his nature as a Pokemon like Spirit Bomb, it is his intent ehich is truly evil as he is very cunning.