What is the new Xbox system called?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The Xbox One

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Q: What is the new Xbox system called?
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What is Xbox new system called?

The Xbox One

What is the new Xbox called?

xbox e3

How do you convert xbox games to xbox 360?

play them on your new system

What year is the new game systems coming out?

Yes there is going to be new game system coming out in June of 2011 and it will be called XBOX 2.

What is the new Xbox going to be called?

It is going to be The XBOX 720

Is there going to be a new Xbox coming out called Xbox720?

Actually, no one knows if it is going to be called Xbox 720 or something else. But it will come a new generation of Xbox.

Is there going to be a new xbox system?

It is Unknown as of now.

Can a Xbox 360 hhd be used for Xbox arcade system?

Yes it can. With the exception of the new Xbox 360 250 GB model, all Xbox 360 HDDs are compatible with every system.

Is a Xbox 460 real?

No. There is no console coming out called the Xbox 460. Microsoft however did show off their new console called "Xbox One".

Is there gona be a new video game system?

The XBOX 720!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the name of the new camera system for Xbox?

KINECT, for XBOX 360. The camera allows you to "become the controller"

Is there going a new Xbox system?

Probably not for a while because they just released the new Xbox dashboard. And it took them almost 6 years to release the 360 when they had the older Xbox out.