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It is going to be The XBOX 720

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Q: What is the new Xbox going to be called?
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Is there going to be a new Xbox coming out called Xbox720?

Actually, no one knows if it is going to be called Xbox 720 or something else. But it will come a new generation of Xbox.

What is the new Xbox called?

xbox e3

Whats the next xbox going to be called After the 360?

Xbox 720

What is the third Xbox going to be called?

The Microsoft company has not come up with a name yet. Tiesonthewall:I have heard that the new one will be called XBOX 720. However, I am not entirely sure whether this is a fallacy or not.

What is Xbox new system called?

The Xbox One

What is the new Xbox system called?

The Xbox One

What year is the new game systems coming out?

Yes there is going to be new game system coming out in June of 2011 and it will be called XBOX 2.

When is the new xbox 720 going to release?

2015. their will be a new xbox 360 this year(2010) but it wil be slim and redesigned. the new xbox will be released 2015 because Microsoft said the xbox 360 will have a life span of atleast 10 years. the xbox 360 was released in 2005. so 2015 at the earliest. and it probably wont be called xbox 720

Is there going to be a new xbox system?

It is Unknown as of now.

Is Halo 3 going to be on regular xbox?

no if you still have an xbox no new games wil come out for it

Is there going tobe a new xbox?

Yes coming out in 2001

Is there going a new Xbox system?

Probably not for a while because they just released the new Xbox dashboard. And it took them almost 6 years to release the 360 when they had the older Xbox out.