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elasto mania

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Q: What is the name of the dirt bike game that I had on Windows 95 where you had to collect apples to pass the levels?
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How many levels of resistance are offered with this bike?

There are eight levels of resistance on this exercise bike.

How many levels are there in bike mania 2?

There Are Around About 35 Levels In Bike Mania 2

How do you get the extreme bike in pipe riders?

To get the extreme bike on pipe riders you have to beat all the levels on timed levels

How many levels does a Mountain bike have?

Depending on the mountain bike that you have will depict the amount of gears. Most bikes for adults typically have about 21 gears. If this does no answer your question then what are levels?

How many levels are there on max dirt bike?


Can you adjust the resistance on the Proform 480 CSX Recumbent Bike?

This Recumbent bike features digitally adjustable resistance levels.

Cheats for dirt bike games?

"A" to skip levels. Hope this helped.

What are some codes for Bike Race TFG created levels?


Is there a nuclear bike 2 out yet?

you can get the Nuclear bike 2 at PS I've done all 15 levels so much fun

How to unlock all bikes in bike race?

When you complete the following tasks the corresponding bike will become available. Acrobatic Bike: Race 100% wheelie and get 3 stars; do 2 front flips and get 3 stars; do 4 black flips and get 3 stars. Bronze Bike: Collect 24 stars in the Desert, Arctic, Dunes; win 3 consecutive races. Ghost Bike: Play with 20 Facebook friends. Girl Bike: Collect 12 stars; do a backflip and get 3 stars. Gold Bike: Earn 24 stars each in Desert 2 and Arctic 2; win 12 consecutive races; win 5,000 games in Multiplayer; defeat a Silver Bike in Multiplayer. High Tech Bike: Create a game with a Facebook friend, with a random user, via SMS, and via email. Hog Bike: Beat a Police Bike, a Ninja Bike, a Ghost Bike, and a Super Bike in Multiplayer. Ninja Bike: Win 250 Multiplayer games. Police Bike: Play with 5 Facebook friends. Retro Bike: Win 5 games on Multiplayer; Like the Bike Race page; Like the Top Free Games page. Silver Bike: Collect 24 stars each on Hills, Beach, and Savana; win 7 consecutive races; defeat a Bronze Bike in Multiplayer.Ggg

What are some features on a Schwinn 203 bike?

There are a lot of good features on a Schwin 203 bike. Some of the best things should be noticed are large display, more resistance levels, and more pre-programmed workouts.

what does this exercise bike have to offer that is different from the others?

The Body Solid Endurance exercise bike features 15 tension levels, contact heart rate, easy to read display and over-sized seat pad for maximum comfort.