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The top ten of the most traded item are: Fire rune, Maple logs, Air rune, Spirit shards, Water rune, Feather, Nature rune, Vial, Blood Rune and Earth rune. If you want to take a closer look at the list visit runescape services with the most traded items list.

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Q: What is the most traded item on RuneScape?
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What item was traded most in silk road?

The item most traded on the silk road was gold and silk.

Whats the most expenisve item on runescape?

The most expensive item on RuneScape is the Christmas Cracker. But the people in the beginning of runescape opened most of them for the partyhats inside them so there are only a few left. There are some left, or they wouldn't be listed on the Grand Exchange Database.

What was the most popular item traded by the Tang dynasty?

Jade and pearls.

What is the most expensive runescape item?

The most expensive item in Runescape is a Christmas Cracker. I would say the price of one of these would be around 8-10b. Sorry for not an exact price but I don't know the exact figure :P

Which item in runescape can give you the most money when you sell it?

Blue partyhat costing 2100M

What is the most expensive item on runescape?

Currently, at over 2,000,000,000 coins, is the White Partyhat.

Is there the item orange in RuneScape?


Runescape item id finder?

Just search for 'Runescape item ID database' and you'll find multiple services to search for item ID's.

Where is Kela in RuneScape?

There is no NPC, place, or item in RuneScape called "Kela."

What is an item that was traded between the east and west during the middle ages?

A number of things were traded in these exchanges; probably the most important was silk from China.

Is money the world's most heavily traded item?

I think the answer is A) Money which i think is behind petrolium

What was probably the most profitable goods item traded in the New World in the eighteenth century?