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Currently, at over 2,000,000,000 coins, is the White Partyhat.

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Q: What is the most expensive item on runescape?
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What is the most expensive runescape item?

The most expensive item in Runescape is a Christmas Cracker. I would say the price of one of these would be around 8-10b. Sorry for not an exact price but I don't know the exact figure :P

Whats the most expenisve item on runescape?

The most expensive item on RuneScape is the Christmas Cracker. But the people in the beginning of runescape opened most of them for the partyhats inside them so there are only a few left. There are some left, or they wouldn't be listed on the Grand Exchange Database.

What is the best f2p item in runescape?

the most expensive: blue partyhat the most useful combat weapon: corrupt dragon scimitar

RuneScape santa hat?

Yes, very expensive item that was released on Christmas 2001 at the runescape first Christmas event.

RuneScape party hats?

they are the most expensive hats on runescape.

What is the most expensive armor on runescape?

Torva set

What is most expensive nonmember cape in runescape?


Which RuneScape holiday event was the best?

Best could be an opinion, but if you mean the best reward, that would definitely be the Christmas of 2003. The exclusive item known as the "Christmas Cracker" was given out then, which is now the most expensive item on the game (I think)

What is the most expensive shield in RuneScape?

Price : 688.8 Million Gp Divine_Spirit_Shield">Divine Spirit Shield To see the 5 most expensive items in Runescape go to the link below.

What is the most expensive item in Italy?

This Question is rather hard to answer, but I would Imagine the country of Italy to be the most expensive item in Italy.

What is the best drop you can get in free worlds on RuneScape?

The most expensive drop you can get on runescape is the corrupt dragon battleaxe at 3.9m

How do you make a Christmas cracker on runescape?

The Christmas Cracker is an item from the very first Christmas Holiday Event. It is no longer possible to obtain other than buying one from another player (it is currently the most expensive item at a price of ~690 million coins.