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legendary ancestral footsteps

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Q: What is the most expensive item in fate undiscovered realms?
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What are the legendary item names for fate undiscovered realms?

i only know one :p legendary soul's claw its an axe its really only good for money though

What are the best weapons in fate undiscovered realms?

legendary soul's claw is the best item if you want to make fast money well the legendary foe cannibal is worth about 12 1/2 mil.

What's highest level in fate?

the truth is there are 3 different Fate games first original FATE then Fate Undiscovered Realms last Fate the Traitor's Soul in original the highest is lv100 undiscovered realms is lv 199 Traitors Soul UNLIMITED levels!!!!!! here are some nice cheats first type ctrl then shift then ~ under esc and above tab you will see a ? on the side type in 1.legendary foe cannibal identify then sell only in fate and undiscovered realms allow this type in god you go up 10 levels you get 500000 gold pieces 4. the name of any weapon or item it saves money of any fish type in flawless whatever fish you want and it will transform your pet permanently i suggest flawless corydoras that makes your pet Cerberus PERMANENTLY but its only for traitors soul well i hope you enjoyed my info bai:)

What is the Most expensive item in fate the traitor soul?

The most Expensive Item I have heard about is called the "Legndary Foe Cannibal". It can be sold for almost 13 million dollors!

What is the most expensive item in fate?

Legendary Foe Cannibal, it sells for 12 million dollars!!

What is the most Expensive Artifact or unmagical item in FATE?

The "Legendary Foe Cannibal" can be sold for the most amount of money, about 12 million gold! There may be more expensive, but that is the most valueable you can cheat or spawn.

Is there a redemm code for a free pet on Free Realms?

The only time a code for a free realms pet comes out is if it is a sponsored item.

What is the best wepon in fate?

I would have to say Legendary Foe Cannibal(Also the most expensive item on the game that is able to spawn) please correct me if I'm wrong.

The most expensive item in fate the traitor soul?

As far as I know its the Legendary Foe Cannibal. It costs 3x the gold cheat (I think, if not it is more) selling about 30 of these can get you

What is the storm breaker code for Free Realms?

The storm-breaker is not a code item, you but it with SC

How do you redeem a horse on Free Realms?

There is no Redeem-A-Code for a Free Realms horse, but if you are asking how to Redeem something, you go to the claim window, select the item, and click claim.

How do you socket an item in fate?

to socket an item you have to click the socket and click on an item that have space for a socket. I did it a lot of times and it worked LOL