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When you reach the Kanto Region (particullary Cerulean City you'll understand). A Team Rocket Grunt stole a machine part from the Power Plant but he dropped it in the Cerulean Gym Pool. After you battle him you can battle Misty in her gym. To find the Machine Part you have to use the Itemfinder in the gym. After you get it you return it to the Manager and he gives you Zap Cannon as a return. Then you have to go to the Radio Station and talk to the gentleman in the hat in the groun floor. He upgrades your EXPN Card to play Kanto Tunes. Finally go to Vermillion City and go in front of the Snorlax which is blocking the Digglet's Cave, go to your Poke-Gear and play the Poke-Flute tune, the Snorlax will wake up and attack. Then you can continue your journey to Pallet Town, Viridian, Pewter, Cinnabar Island and Seafom Islands.

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Q: What is the machine part quest in soul silver?
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What do you do after you give the machine part to the power plant in soul silver?

Battle Misty

Where is the machine part in the gym in soul silver?

It is behind the tube next to the gym leaders chair

What do you do when you have found the machine part on soul silver?

talk to the fat guy in the power plant, near the rocktunnel. he's working at the machine

How do you start an new quest on soul silver?

erasin the game

What must you do after you see the thief in mistys gym in soul silver?

Chase him to route 25, he will tel you where the machine part is.

What is TM15 in soul silver?

Technical Machine 15

When does it allow you to go down from fushia city to the water in Pokemon soul silver?

When you return the machine part to the power plant.

How do you go to Scientist's House and press the machine in Silver?

What does the scientist's house look like in soul silver and same with the machine.

Were do you find the machine part in soul silver?

you find it in mistys gym, near the float tubes at the upper left. hope this helped!

How do I activate the dragons den side quest in Pokemon Soul Silver?

You dont.

Where is Zapdos in soul silver?

outside the powerplant after you beat the machine parts

Where do you find the machine on soul silver?

in 1 of the life rings in the cerulean gym