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The video game with the longest name ever released in English is probably "Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episode Two," at 66 characters, not including spaces. The longest name for a video game in any language is "Simple DS Series Vol.14: The Jidousha Kyoushuujo DS: Gendoukitsuki Jidousha, Futsuu Jidou Nirin, Oogata Jidou Nirin, Futsuu Jidousha, Fusuu Jidousha Nishuu, Chuugata Jidousha, Oogata Jidousha, Oogata Jidousha Nishuu, Oogata Tokuchuu Jidousha, Kenbiki," at a whopping 219 characters (when written in Romaji, at least).

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Q: What is the longest video game title?
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