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technically no it is forging

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Q: Can you use a video game title for a story?
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Why did Robert North use the title Troy Game for his dance?

Because the story of Troy was his inspiration.

How do i use the Beyblade i make in Beyblade the video game?

you can only use it in the battle coliseum or in a wifi battle not in story mode

How do you make a good video game to a better video game?

use cheat codes

What input output interface does a video game use?

What input does it need to be on to play a video game

How do you get cows to higher ground in toy story 3 video game?

You need to shrink the cows with the pink goo Then use buzz to throw them up there (since he's the strongest in the game)

Can you use a rhetorical question in a title of a story with a twist?

Yes, incorporating a rhetorical question in a title can create intrigue and set up the twist in the story. For example, a title like "Who is the Real Villain?" could lead readers to question assumptions and be surprised by the unexpected answer in the narrative.

What should you use to make my video game?

Dunno, ask someone else soz, bad question. What should i use to make my video game?

The is an industry group that tracks computer and video game use?

The Entertainment Software Association is an industry group that tracks computer and video game use.

What is title I can use for a story about Paris France?

Just use the name "Paris" or "France :S

What technology do video game designers use?

they use get a life you queer

What would be a better title for the story Giving Life from the writing source and why?

Your teacher wants you to use your imagination and think of a different title. Use what the story is about and you'll be able to think of something. Here's a link to show you how writers make up story titles.

How do you capture video game gameplay?

A lot of people just use a video camera.