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Q: What is the limit to having trap holes in your deck?
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How many trap holes can you have in a Yu-Gi-Oh deck?

You can have 3 trap holes and 3 bottomless trap holes in a yugioh deck. That is, if you aren't playing in tournaments.

Does trap hole work on fusions?

A Fusion Summon, or the Summoning of any Monster (Synchro or Fusion) from the Fusion Deck (Extra Deck) is a special summon and so Trap Hole will not work on it.

What is the best structure for a YU-GI-OH deck like how many magic how many monster ect?

for a standard deck 50% Monster 25% Spell 25% Trap for a life shaver deck 60% Spell 10% Trap 30% Effect monsters for a beatdown deck 60% High ATK monsters 10% Trap 30% Spell and I recommend keeping to 40 cards but don't go to a point where you are LOOKING for cards to put in your deck.

In YuGiOh what is better- a Crystal Beast and Rainbow Dragon deck or a Volcanic deck?

it depends what cards are in the spell/trap section of the deck. it also depends on your style of play

Do you have to have monsters in your deck?

No, there is no rule that says you must have any monsters at all in your deck. You can make it 100% Spell and Trap cards if you wish.

Name cards you need to make a yugioh deck?

magic trap and monster

How do you trap all your neighbors in animal crossing wii?

Surround them with holes

How many monsters cards in a deck?

up to 20 and the rest are magic and trap cards

How do you trap a mole?

You should not trap them. If you don't want them in you land put a mole scarer in one of there holes and they will leave and go somewhere else.

How many magic cards go in a yu-gi-oh deck?

1/4 of the whole deck normally. Eg 40 card deck 20 monsters 10 magic 10 trap

What is Rex Raptor's deck list?

I can't say for sure but mostly his deck is build around Dinosaur type and Earth monster, and trap and spells that help them.

Are Yu-Gi-Oh trap decks good?

yes, they are more powerful the a normal deck is