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Q: What is the level 12 code for sniper assassin final mission?
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What is the code for the mission after Ransom in Sniper Assassin 2?

The level code for Mission 7 in Sniper Assassin 2 is "persuasion."

What is the level code for the last level in sniper assassin 4?

The level code for the last level in Sniper Assassin 4 is "nocturnal." This is the 13th (last) mission.

What is the level code for mission 6 sniper assassin 4?

it is 765

What is the level code for the level after nocturnal on sniper assassin 4?

Nocturnal is the last level code. There are only 13 missions and the series was concluded in Sniper Assassin: Final (#5) in 2010.

In sniper assassin 4 what is the level code to get past nocturnal?

There isn't one. NOCTURNAL is the last level on Sniper Assassin 4.

What is the code for level 5 on sniper assassin 4?


What are the level codes for sniper assassin 2?

Mission Level Codes for Sniper Assassin 2 : Level 1: liar Level 2: bully Level 3: maniac Level 4: justice Level 5: loving wife Level 6: ransom Level 7: persuasion Level 8: hideout Level 9: sucker Level 10: beach party Level 11: the truth (see related question)

In sniper assassin 3 how do you beat the level bloodpile?

how do you beat this level i dont know how

What is the passcode for level 7 on sniper assassin 2?

The level 7 code is "persuasion" -- you will need this if the site you are using has a glitch in the 6th level, Ransom, that prevents you from completing the mission. (The website Addicting Games has a functional level 6.)

What is the level that comes after Neighborhood Cleaning 2 in Sniper Assassin 1?


How may bombs are there in the tick tok level in sniper assassin 5?


How do you beat the first level of sniper assassin?

In Sniper Assassin (part 1) level 1 only requires you to shoot the guy walking from the left side wearing a baseball cap. The only difficult first level is in Sniper Assassin 5 (final), where there are 4 guys with rifles in the buildings. Use the Z key to zoom in on them: 1) building far left, first top window 2) green building left background 3) center left on dark rooftop of upper building 4) building at right, second floor from top, third window from right.Sniper Assassin (June 2008) was the first short part of a 5-part stick-man shooter game from Ultimate Flash Games. The storyline is not as coherent as the various challenges and puzzles, which involve bloody killing and even torture. Sniper Assassin V (final mission) appeared in October 2010.(see related questions on other 4 games in the series)