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Q: What is the code for level 5 on sniper assassin 4?
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What is the level code for the last level in sniper assassin 4?

The level code for the last level in Sniper Assassin 4 is "nocturnal." This is the 13th (last) mission.

In sniper assassin 4 what is the level code to get past nocturnal?

There isn't one. NOCTURNAL is the last level on Sniper Assassin 4.

What is the level code for the level after nocturnal on sniper assassin 4?

Nocturnal is the last level code. There are only 13 missions and the series was concluded in Sniper Assassin: Final (#5) in 2010.

What is the level code for mission 6 sniper assassin 4?

it is 765

In sniper assassin what is the level code for after gigolo?

The level code after gigolo is:par You can play this game at:

What is the pass code on sniper assassin 4 after nocturnal?


Where can you play sniper assassin 4?

Sniper Assassin 4 came out in November, 2009 and has been widely linked. The level code entry on the main site, Addicting Games, has problems. You can open the various coded levels at linked sites such as

Is there another level on Sniper Assassin 4?

There is no level after Nocturnal. Ben gets killed in the end and it's supposed to be continued in the 5th one

What is the next code after nocturnal on sniper assiaint 4?

no other level. its 5 after that

What are the level codes for sniper assassin 2?

Mission Level Codes for Sniper Assassin 2 : Level 1: liar Level 2: bully Level 3: maniac Level 4: justice Level 5: loving wife Level 6: ransom Level 7: persuasion Level 8: hideout Level 9: sucker Level 10: beach party Level 11: the truth (see related question)

What are the level codes for sniper assassin 4?

All the level codes for Sniper Assassin 4 (November 2009):Level 1: bank heistLevel 2: papaLevel 3: charlieLevel 4: outskirtsLevel 5: gigoloLevel 6: parLevel 7: passerbyLevel 8: appleLevel 9: horse powerLevel 10: hide and seekLevel 11: footlooseLevel 12: iron maidenLevel 13: nocturnal

What happens at the end of Sniper Assassin 4?

Charlie says what happened then you go in a room and Ben is dead on the ground leaving room for a Sniper Assassin V