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If you solve the puzzle you could win a cash prize starting at $25,000 for the other prizes there is no minimum dollar value. The prize might also be something that you buy for less than the stated value. For example cars are often sold for below the sticker price when you are actually purchasing a car. Cars now include $5,000 cash besides the value of the car so that they are always listed as having a greater value than the $25,000 minimum that you win for a cash prize. Of Course you don't have to win anything and on average about half the contestants can not solve the bonus puzzle

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Q: What is the least amount you can win in bonus round on Wheel of Fortune?
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What is the least amount of money the winner of Wheel of Fortune won?

1,000 dollars

What is the least amount won on Wheel of Fortune?

The least amount the contestant can leave the show with is $1000, but that is not what your question asked. A contestant can win nothing or up to $1000 and he is still given the $1000 because he did not win at least $1000.

How much do second and third place win in Wheel of Fortune?

They win at least $1000 if they did not win more playing the game. It is Jeopardy that has a set amount and for Wheel of Fortune you keep what ever you win and get the $1000 only if you failed to answer any puzzles because $1,000 is also the minimum for solving a puzzle on Wheel of Fortune.

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What vowel might be the least useful in the Wheel of Fortune?

It would be the vowel U

Should the wheel on Wheel of Fortune make a complete revolution when a contestant spins it?

No that is the price is right Wheel of Fortune never has a contestant do that. The Wheel is difficult for some contestants to reach and there spins are acceptable at least the edited broadcast program

Does wheel of fortune pay for airfare or hotel?

No contestant must pay everything, but Wheel does guarantee that you Will win at least the $1000.

What is the answer to the June 30 2009 Wheel of Fortune bonus or final puzzle?

Leaky Faucet was the answer for Tuesday June 30, 2009. The show is a repeat episode of an episode that first aired on Tuesday Oct 14 2008.The answer leaky faucet earned the contestant $1,000,000 for solving the bonus puzzle. She became the largest winner in Wheel of Fortune history and will remain so at least until the 27th season begins on September 14 2009.To read her name and more information about her, see the related question link below.

Is the trip you win on Wheel of Fortune for 1 person or 2?

They are always for at least two people.

What does Pat Sajak make on the Wheel of Fortune?

Pat Sajak's salary on Wheel of Fortune is private like most salaries are. Estimates are that it is 8 figures (which would be 10 Million or more) and it is at least mid to high seven figures

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