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the last seed from seedos is a captus and the last seed from the store is gem seed

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1. You didn't spell cactus right, 2. the cactus comes WAY WAY before the last seed

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Q: What is the last seed in viva pinata trouble in paradise?
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What level do you unlock the Cactus seed in viva pinata?

lele 88

Where can you find a jack-o'-lantern in Viva pinata Pocket paradise?

Well... you buy a pumpkin seed, plant it, and when it's fully grown call Bart and get him to tinker it, or ,buy a pumpkin if you have already planted it buy one and call Bart.

How do you get a acorn in viva pinata?

you can buy and plant the corn seed or just purchase the corn from Costolot's General Store, or try talking with Seedos to get a corn seed

How do you get massive gem seed viva pinata?

The easiest way to get it is: Up,Left,B,B.

How do you get a goobaa in viva pinata TIP?

you first have to get two rorioas, the hoghurt eat them to become residents

What level do you get the Oak Seed in Viva Pinata?

From what I have learned you need to be at or past level 10 and need to have planted a lot of plants to make seedos happy and willing to give you the seed. Hope this works for ya!

How do you get a toadstool on viva pinata?

It's a bad seed and needs to have dropped somehow in your garden before, if it has go to costalots store, go into seeds and buy the toadstool seed, it should be red. A, and make sure none of your pinatas eat it or they will become ill.

What are the release dates for Curious George - 2006 Wheels on the Bus Seed Trouble 3-8?

Curious George - 2006 Wheels on the Bus Seed Trouble 3-8 was released on: USA: 16 February 2009

Gem tree in viva pinata?

if your talking about if there is a gem tree then there is mines growing right now on my game and its taking long but at colostos store where the beggar is click him and they will be a gem tree seed!

Seed of chucky movie last?


What is the rarest piñata on Viva Piñata?

A dragon ache isn't the rarest animal on viva pinata a Hongarillia is its a really big strong monkey which also smashes up the rest of the viva pinata village and rebuilds is smaller so you have more space in your garden i am an a expert at viva pinata so this is no lie you must finish the game and get every animal and plant/seed/egg but when you get the gold egg when you finish it you can pic Hongarillia,Jagonota or a Gangaiobre which are all gods of viva pinata and are power full and rare but Hongarillia is the best animal as i know ONLY 1 FOR EVRY GARDEN.

What is the last seed for purple love berry's and yellow magic beans?

Well, I assume you're trying to get Gurgle. The last seed is a red dragon fruit.