What is the last person on your sims and were is he?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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its Tracy i think i played it a while back and she is found near the mountains you need five stars to find her and the mountains will be open

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Q: What is the last person on your sims and were is he?
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Were do you meet the the last person on my sims for Ds?

were do you find the last person on my sims for d.s? who ever wrote this answer is a very mean person your such a meaner

How can you change the last name of your Sims on Sims 3 after you married two Sims but the female Sims' last name did not change?

Go to City Hall and click on it and it will say 'Change Name'.

Can married sims in sims 2 get engaged?

last time i

What was the last sims 2 pack?

The last pack for The Sims 2 was Mansion & Garden Stuff, released late 2008.

What is terriah's last name?


What is the latest Sim's game?

The last 'The Sims' game that was released was The Sims 3 Generations. The Secret Helper.

Do you make your person or choose your person on the sims?

You can make them or choose an already made sim in the neighborhood or in the sims bin.

Can you change the last name of your sims on sims3 after they sims marry because I married two sims but the female sims' last name didn't change so how can I change it?

Click on the City Hall and there should be an option to change your sim's name.

Is Sims 3 first person?

no, the camera and contolling is the same as the sims 2

Is there a way to get one of your sims on the sims 2 to meet one specific person?


Who last name is sims?

? mine is cardin not sims lets wait for another answer,i answered for fun. :p

Is Sims 3 the last sims version?

i think it might be the last one im not saying that's for sure but they have made sims 3 bigger and better then the sims 2 so it would be hard for them to top it but we are talking about EA here and we know what they can do with there technology these days hope this helps :)