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lvl 100 is the last lvl on moshi monsters.

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Q: What is the last level in moshi monster?
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How do you get level ups on moshi monster?

You get level ups on moshi monsters by keeping your monster happy.

Who is on the biggest level on moshi monster?


Does your moshi monster level up in the moshi fun park?

you level up at the puzzle place were you get rox.

How do you do level 10 at the super moshi on moshi monsters?

you would feed your monster daily,do puzzles and keep your monster happy!!<3

On Moshi Monsters how can you change your monster list?

Well you have to level up and the faster way to level up is feed your moshi monster and play lots of games and play daily puzzles

What is after level 9 in the super moshi mission in Moshi Monsters?

There are no levels in the Super Moshi Missions. You can earn XP by completing Super Moshi Missions which will help increase your monster's level.

Does anyone have a Moshi Monster account level 28 or higher?

There are lots of Moshi Monster members who have an account of level 28 or higher. To find out the level of a monster, when you are out walking around Monstro City and see a monster, just hold your mouse over the monster and a sign will pop up with their name, mood, owner's age, owner's country, and their level.

How can you level up Moshi Monsters easily?

you can not level up if your monster is unhealthy or sad

On moshi monster how do you go up a level?

play the daily challenge

What moshi monster is the highest levil?

There isn't a limit to the level you can reach.

Can a Moshi Monster get up to 9000000000000000?

Not seen a Monster yet at this level, but that isn't to say it cannot be done!

What makes your monster level up loads on moshi monster?

Playing the puzzles at Puzzle Palace will help to do this.