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You get the secret Moshi Monster codes on Moshi Monster merchandise, such as books, cards and toys.

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Q: How do you get secret codes for furniture on Moshi Monsters?
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How do you get free furniture on moshi monsters?

Collect or find secret codes!!

Are there any cheats for Moshi Monsters?

There are no cheats for Moshi Monsters. However, Moshi Monsters offers ways to get Secret Codes. Secret Codes are available for many items on Moshi Monsters. You can get Secret Codes by purchasing Moshi Monsters items, in the Moshi Magazine, and in the Daily Growl.

What are some Moshi Monsters new cheat codes?

There are no cheat codes for Moshi Monsters. Cheating is not allowed on Moshi Monsters. Moshi Monsters does give out Secret Codes as part of the game. Watch the Daily Growl on Moshi Monsters for information about Secret Codes.

Why do you need secret codes for Moshi Monsters?

You do not need secret codes on Moshi Monsters. Secret codes are a way of getting items on Moshi Monsters. Codes are the only way to get those items. It is also a way for Moshi Monsters to give prizes to members.

Is there a cheat for furniture on Moshi Monsters?

Cheating is not allowed on Moshi Monsters. If you are asking about codes for furniture, there are some. Most codes on Moshi Monsters are unique and can only be used once. There are a few Item Codes which will get furniture and that can be used by anyone at least one time.

How do you get codes for Moshi Monsters?

Secret codes can be found in items such as Moshi Monsters books, Moshi Mash Up cards and other Moshi Monsters merchandise.

What is the secret code for moshi monsters log in?

Moshi Monsters has changed the log in page and you no longer enter your secret codes on the log in page. There is a box to check that says "I've got a secret code". When you click to check that box and then log in, you will be taken to the new Secret Codes page. Use the Secret Codes page to enter any Moshi Monsters Secret Codes you get. Secret Codes come in the Moshi Monsters Magazine, with most Moshi Monsters purchases, from puzzles in the Daily Growl, by winning a contest on Moshi Monsters, plus other ways.

What is the secret word in Moshi Monsters?

Secret codes can be found on Moshi Monsters products such as Mash Up cards, in books, in the Moshi Monsters gift pack.

What are the secret codes for the login on Moshi Monsters?

The way to enter secret codes on Moshi Monsters has changed. You no longer enter them on the LogIn page. As to the codes, there are many codes available for Moshi Monsters and many ways to get them. You can get a code when you purchase a Moshi Monsters toy. You can get a code by winning a contest or a competition on Moshi Monsters. You can get a code in the Moshi Monsters newsletter or by watching Moshi TV. Keep playing Moshi Monsters and watch the Daily Growl and you will find lots of codes.

Does Moshi Monsters have cheats?

No, there are no cheats for Moshi Monsters. You can get secret codes and other codes but those are part of playing the game.

What do Moshi Monsters card codes do when entered?

Moshi Monsters secret codes give you exclusive items for your room or Monster.

Can you have free secret codes to Moshi Monsters?

yes u can go on youtube and write in moshi monsters secrect codes