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when a Pokemon eats poffins, its sheen increases. When its sheen is full the Pokemon will eat no more poffins. around about 10 - 15 is the maximum i think

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Q: What is the largest amount of poffins a Pokemon can eat?
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Do Pokemon eat?

You can turn berries into poffins in Heart Home City and you can feed the poffins to your pokemon.

How many poffins can a Pokemon eat?

You can feed any amount of poffins until all of their status (cool, beauty, strength, cute, smart) is at the highest level.

What happens when a Pokemon says they won't eat anymore poffins on Pokemon Diamond?

they wont eat anymore poffins that's all sorry

In Pokemon diamond how do you get a Pokemon to eat more poffins after there are full?

You can't!

Why doesnt your Pokemon eat a poffin?

If it is full, it won't eat anymore poffins.

How do you make a Pokemon hungry if it won't eat anymore in pokemon dimo nd?

I can only assume you mean Poffins? After maxing out a Pokemon's sheen, you can feed them no more poffins.

How do you make your Pokemon eat more poffins?

get a life.............................................................. you just feed it

If your Pokemon is full from poffins will it ever eat again?

Nope. Your Pokemon will never eat again in it's life, lol.

What does munchlax eat?

Honey from a honey tree, berries,poffins and Pokemon food

How do I increase stats if Pokemon won't eat anymore poffins?

feed it carbos and sutff

What can you do if your Pokemon wont eat anymore poffins?

probably what another day or so{i am not sured but i have the game}

Why won't your platy eat?

when you give your Pokemon a lot of poffins, its sheen grows, once the sheen gauge is full, it will stop eating for good.Give it only essential poffins.