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It is 116.

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Q: What is the item id of an enchantment table in mine craft?
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What does smite do in mine craft?

Smite is an enchantment applied to swords. It increases the damage done to undead creatures.

What does unbreaking do in mine craft?

The unbreaking enchantment in Minecraft makes tools that it is applied to last longer (in durability).

How do you make an enchantment table in mine craft?

You follow this recipe [A] [B] [A] [D] [O] [D] [O] [O] [O] Key O-Obsidian B-Book D-Diamond A-Air(Nothing)

How do you use the craft table in mine craft?

right click it obvs

What is the last level of experience in mine-craft?

There is no limit in gaining / collecting it but the max level of enchantment of level 30

What does sharpness do In mine craft?

If you mean the enchantment then it makes the sword do more damage for all mobs. Can be really useful in the end.

How do you use an enchantment table on mine craft?

Place a tool or a piece of armour into the slot. Three random enchantments will appear, along with their cost. The text is written in code, and while you can find a decoder online, they don't actually tell you anything about what enchantment you'll end up with. You just have to risk it and see if you get a good one.

What is the ip for the item dragon egg on mine craft?

The ID is 122.

How do you craft a stick in mine craft?

place 2 wooden placnks going vertically in the crafting table :)

How do you bake bread in mine craft?

With a crafting table, make a horizontal row of wheat.

How do you enchant stuff on mine craft enchanting table?

You need to level up to enchant items.

How do you make a stick in mine craft?

place 2 wooden placnks going vertically in the crafting table :)