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infinity heath

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Q: What is the infinite health cheat for Heli Attack 3?
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Gta Liberty City stories psp heli cheat?

there is no heli cheat in gra lcs.

Cheat codes for heli attack 3?

first: go on to second: click cheats at the left of the site third: click h at the top four: scroll through them and click heli attack 3five: get cheating

How do you get god mode in heli attack?

go to cheats in heli attack and tip in god

What cheat is the hunter heli in vice city in psp?

There is no cheat for it.

What is the cheats to heli attack 3?

in Heli Attack 3, there are cheat codes :D Go to "Players" and then select cheats, enter the following Cheat Code: Effect:up up down down left right left right b a select start All Weapons Wash away the rain Black hole generator Well, those are my favs :P, look online for more

How do you get heli in gta vice city mode with cheats?

There is no cheat for it.

How do you youse a timebreak on heli attack 3?

do nothingl

What kind of game is Heli Attack 3?

Heli Attack 3 is considered to be a "run-and-gun shooter game" that was first released in July 2005. This game is the third game in a series of Heli Attack games where the player takes on the part of a paratrooper. The game consists of 16 levels.

GTA lcs psp helicopter cheat?

i want to get heli in lcs

How do you get a heli in gta lcs?

you cant cheat a helicopter you could only find it on airports

Who has the most total place vists in roblox?

heli-wars desert attack

How do you hyper jump in heli attack 3?

press space not back space