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the most important aspect of any game of Frisbee is in the throwing.

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Q: What is the important aspect of any game of frisbee?
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What is the import aspect of any game of frisbee?

the most important aspect of any game of Frisbee is in the throwing.

Can you play frisbee with small dogs mostly talking about daschunds?

yes i have about 2 dachshunds and Play Frisbee with them all the time Frisbee almost any game you would Play with Dogs

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Physical attraction is an important aspect of any relationship. It is not the only aspect and the relationship shouldn't be based primarily on this.

Which of the following is typically the most important aspect of any campaign?

The quality of the candidate.

Are there any browser mmorpgs like runescape where trading is a big aspect of the game?

Crystal Saga.

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If something is size dependent then some important aspect of that thing is influenced strongly by its size. If something is size independent, then its size does not influence any important aspect.

Is there any use for a old 8 foot satellite dish?

A frisbee

Where is ultimate frisbee played?

any pitch or field that has 80 yards to work with

Which would be the best dog breed to play frisbee with?

Golden/Black Labs/Retreviers are great dogs to play Frisbee with as they are drawn to pretty much any moving object, but also a Dalmation, Border Collie, any active dog.

What is the objective of the game Ultimate Frisbee?

to score as many goals as possible, just like any other sport ranging from 11 (middle school league) do 19 (some professional tournaments)

What are the rules to ultimate frisbee?

Ultimate Frisbee is a lot like football. There are two teams comprised of an equal number of players. The game is usually played on a football field so each team begins in their designated endzone (the field canbe shortened by determining the end zones as certain yard lines). One tea begins with the frisbee and yells out ULITMATE! before launching it to the other team (a lot like a kick off). Once a player of the other team has the frisbee they are only allowed to pivot on one leg (they're not permitted to take any steps) from here, they must throw the frisbee to another player on the team. This continues until a member of the team catches the frisbee in the end zone in which that team scores a point and the process starts over. However, if the frisbee is dropped it makes it an automatic recovery for the other team and the game continues, the same with an interception. If a frisbee is thrown out of bounds it is taken up by the other team from where it left the playing field. The game is over when a certain team has reached the designated amount of points (voted prior to the beginning of the game) or a team forfeits.