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Your problem is probably that you have not unlocked the secret level in world 7. Visit the guide on for more details on this or any other aspect of the game.

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Q: How do you unlock 9-7 if you have collected all the coins in world 7?
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Is there any new characters in super Mario bros wii when all-star coins are collected?

No, but if you get all the Star Coins in a world, you unlock a level in world 9.

How do you unlock all levels in new super Mario bros wii?

You can unlock all levels in NSMB wii in two ways: 1. You beat the levels and get to the secret places too. 2. For world 9, get all the star coins in one world to unlock one level. To unlock all 8, get all star coins in worlds 1-8. After you get all star coins for world 9, you've beaten the game to it's fullest extent, not including points and regular coins (which don't really matter).

How do you unlock world 9 on Super Mario Brothers wii?

collect all the star coins from each world to unlock the ninth one

Cheats for the new Super Mario Brothers wii game?

Here's a cheat to unlock world 9 find all 3 star coins from world 1 to 8 to unlock world 9! Then find all the star coins in world 9 to beat the game!

When you become a member will all the coins you have collected vanish?

no it wont

How do you unlock the cannons in super mario brothers?

You have to collect all 3 Koopa Coins in every level of that world.

Entrance to world 9-1 super Mario Wii?

you must get all the star coins in each world to unlock the levels on world 9.

Is there a ninth world in Mario Bros Wii?

Yes, there is a world 9 in the game. You unlock it by beating the final boss. To unlock each level, you have to collect all of the Star Coins in the worlds of each level's corresponding second number (so for example, for 9-1, you have to collect all of the Star Coins in world 1).

What happens if you find all star coins in new super Mario bros Wii?

I haven't got all of the stars coins, but I have got all of them in World 1-6. If you have finished the game already you unlock levels in World 9. For example if you get all of the Star coins in World 1, level 1 unlocks on world nine. And I believe that you get another star on your profile.

Why is there star coins in world 9 super Mario bros wii?

You collect them because after you beat World 8 there's a secret world, World 9, and to unlock the levels you needs all the star coins in a specific world (ex- to get level 1 in World 9 you need all the star coins in World 1)

How do you unlock players in Mario Kart wii?

You collect a certain amount of coins, you unlock players.

What happens to the money in the water at it's a small world?

According to Disney policy, all coins that are tossed into fountains and at attractions like it's a small world are collected and donated to local charities.