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Whoever told you that there is an app for the iPad that allows you to receive the blue flaming head attachment knows that you are extremely gullible, probably not all there in the head, and easy to lie to. There is no app that allows you to receive this attachment, it is exclusively accessible to Bungie employees.

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Q: What is the iPod app called to get the blue flame on halo reach?
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How do you get flamming helment in halo reach?

if you want the blue flame sign in at and subscribe bungie pro. but know if you have a iphone/ipodtouch you can turn on blue flames and it will pop up in armor effect. but if you want normal flames buy legendary edition of halo reach.

Can you see the flame on someones head if invisible in halo reach?

its weird but yes

How do you get invinsblility in halo?

Depends on the Halo you're talking about, if you mean Halo 1 or 2 then it will be a small blue pyramid and in halo 3 it will be a floating blue sphere and in Halo Reach it will be a armor ability

What sport do red play against blue?

halo reach

Is halo3 better than halo reach?

Yes. Halo 3 is better. There is a book called Halo fall of reach and the game halo reach went totally off the storyline from the book

How do you get invisibly in halo reach?

It is called active camo in Halo Reach, you can find it on loadout screens in firefight and matchmaking.

What are the missions in halo reach called?


How do you get blue flames on halo reach now?

You cant any more:(

Is halo 4 real?

There is HALO 3 O.D.S.T (recon) and a new game called halo reach.

What do you get for beating halo reach campaign on legendary solo besides the achievement?

You get a red flame behind your helmet ^lies!

Can you create levels on halo reach?

Halo: Reach comes with a built-in map editor called Forge Mode. You can access this from the main menu of Reach.

What does search mean in the new video game halo search?

it called Halo Reach