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If u hav an iPod ipad or iphone download the bungie moble app then sign in using ur account for xbox live then go to i love bungie on the app and there it is!

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Q: How do you get blue flame and bungie nameplate in halo reach?
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How do you get flamming helment in halo reach?

if you want the blue flame sign in at and subscribe bungie pro. but know if you have a iphone/ipodtouch you can turn on blue flames and it will pop up in armor effect. but if you want normal flames buy legendary edition of halo reach.

How do you get blue flaming helmet in Halo reach?

Alright to get it you need an iphone or itouch and access to the Apple store. Download Bungie mobile and you also need a Bungie account. After you download this and you have a bungie account for Halo there are options im not suoer sure where but you can choose the nameplates (like Allstar or the Bungie logo. Remeber you have to of had to sign in first and also i forgot, you need to have an Xbox live connection and a online gamertag. The nameplates and blue flame are only for 1 week so ive heard and id hurry! Qucik review: download Bungie mobile on your itouch or iphone, Sign in with your bungie account and gamertag, Find the options from there remember this week! Good luck! -Ashton

What is the iPod app called to get the blue flame on halo reach?

Whoever told you that there is an app for the iPad that allows you to receive the blue flaming head attachment knows that you are extremely gullible, probably not all there in the head, and easy to lie to. There is no app that allows you to receive this attachment, it is exclusively accessible to Bungie employees.

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How do you get blue head fire for halo reach on the x-box 360 early because you have a I-pad I-phone or I-pod touch?

You can't not anymore. it was only for bungie employees. but before bungie gave the rights for halo to 343I, Bungie celebrated there final days with halo fans by giving them the blue flaming head thing. lol. but it was only for a certain amount of time. now its gone sorry

How do you get blue flames on halo reach?

You can get the blue flames on Halo:Reach by downloading the app on an iPod touch, iPhone or iPad, or you can ask a friend if you don't have one. When you have the app sign in to it using your bungie live ID then you can unlock the blue flames.

How do you get flaming helmet in halo reach?

I know the exact answer to this 1.purchase the legendary edition 2.put in secret code 3.look awsome on the battle field so if U dont have the LE then U cant get it. P.S not only bungie dudes have flaming heads anymore

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