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well beat the game 20 times :[ with sonic then play as tails but lose everytime then play as sonic agin and baet meltle sonic 10 times then ther you go

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Q: What is the hyper mode code for sonic the fighters on sonic gems collection for ps2?
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Is there a code to become Super or Hyper Sonic in Sonic Rush?

There is no code to become Super or hyper Sonic.

What does the AR code master do for sonic classic collection?

If I know what you're talking about, it lets you enter any code for sonic classic collection for your country and it will (most likely) work.

What action replay ps2 code lets you play as an eggman robot in sonic the fighters?

NOTHING! You have to get ACTION REPLAYS and the only characters you can have with it is Metal sonic REGULER eggmen and Super Sonic

How do you activate hyper sonic in sonic fgx because whehever I try only change into super sonic?

In order for the "C button code" to work, you have to first find the super emeralds in Sky Sanctuary.

Can you use Super Sonic and Hyper Shadow in any level or mode other than the final boss in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle?

Super Sonic and Hyper Shadow were only made playable when fighting the final boss. There might be some action replay code or something for that purpose though.

What is the point of blue sphere on sonic mega collection?

Enter the right code & you'll be able to play it. ...I forget what the code is.

How do you become super tails in sonic 3 and knuckles without chaos emeralds?

first, you put game genie code of hyper sonic and 80 rings.Then, choose tails and do a double jump.

Masterer code for sonic advance plus sonic battle?

I dont know the sonic battle master code but the sonic advanc master code is 993E41C6E209 5D550DE6754D 9E951E48E531

What code in ultimate flash sonic do you need to become super sonic?

You cannot turn into Super Sonic in Ultimate Flash Sonic, and there is no code that allows you to.

What is the number code for super Sonic in Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Genisis?

Super Sonic was not in Sonic the Hedgehog, as there were only 6 Chaos Emeralds. For Sonic 2, the code was 04,01,02,06.

Were can I Sonic the Hedgehog sound effects?

Solution 1 On "Sonic tedgehog mega collection plus" for the xbox, on sonic 2, 3, or sonic and knuckles you can go to a sound test and play all the music on the games. TIP: On Sonic 2, the sound test is already there but on sonic 3 and sonic and knuckles you need to enter a code. Solution 2 If you don't own "Sonic tedgehog mega collection plus" for the xbox, go onto it has all the music to all the sonic games including sound affects. TIP: There's a really good website for sonic the hedgehog info. It's called

What is the code to becom supersonic whenever you want in sonic rush?

There Is No Code To Become Super Sonic Whenever You Want In Sonic Rush.