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learn your 99s 24 x 99 = 2376 but the new skill will make it 2475

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Q: What is the highest milestone in runescape?
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Where is the highest place in RuneScape?

Don't Believe there is a specific highest place in runescape, if there is I would say The Death Plateau.

What is the highest RuneScape player?

Go to runescape website and check at highscores. It should be there.

Can you have a free runescape acc with 70 plus range?

You can the highest you can get any skill in Runescape is 99. And the highest combat level you can get is 138.

What is the highest level your stats can go on runescape?

The highest it can go to is 99.

What is the highest amount of gold you can have on Runescape?


What is the highest level you can get to on runescape?

The highest level you could get to is level 138 as far as I know.

What is the highest attack that you can do in RuneScape?

without potions, 99.

Who had the first RuneScape account?

the person who has the highest stats

What is the highest level a non member can get to on runescape?


Who is the highest level in runescape?

138 is the Highest level Possible. No One is the Highest level, Sorry to burst your bubble.

What is the highest level in runscape?

The Highest Level is 138. No i have been on runescape and have seen lvl 150s\

Which bow is better in RuneScape?

The highest hitting bow with the highest DPS in runescape is the Zaryte bow. The bow with the best special attack however, is the dark bow with dragon arrows.