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There is no limit, but the least you should bid to get a lot of impressions is 10k the max you SHOULD bid is about 30k, any more than that isn't worth it if you are advertising a game, a group ad would be worth it if you get a lot of new members.

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Q: What is the highest bid for an ad on roblox?
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How do you use the user ad in Roblox?

After you upload an User ad to Roblox go to My Roblox. Next click "advertising" on the top bar. Finally find the Ad you want to run and click it, put up your desired bid, and click "run ad".

Can a free account bid for an AD on ROBLOX?

Yes. They can, you just need tickets. 300 tickets is a good amount.

What is the maximum amount you can spend on an ad on roblox?

Players can spend a maximum amount of 9,999 tickets on one ad. If a player wishes to bid more than this, he may upload multiple duplicate ads, and then bid on each of them. Players can also run ad campaigns by bidding on multiple similar ads at once.

What do auctioneers in the US yell when accepting the highest bid?

The auctioneers in the US yell out "Yup" when accepting the highest bid.

What are the release dates for The Highest Bid - 1916?

The Highest Bid - 1916 was released on: USA: 6 July 1916

How much should you bid on a ROBLOX Group ad?

Hm If i were you i Highly recommend this upload the SAME exact ad and upload A LOT like 40 or 30 and bid each 50 or 100 it will get a lot of clicks if the ads good also Tip: Use good paint software's such as photo shop gimp or default paint. Finally make the ad decent don't scribble scrabble take you're time.

Can you share an ad on Roblox?

You could share the image of the ad, allowing people to make it into their own ad...

What does bid mean on lockerz?

Bid on LockerZ basically means that you bid PTZ or points on an item. The highest bid within the time limit will win.

What is the highest auction bid ever?

How do you put a comment in an ad on roblox?

You can't. You can post a comment though and then take a screenshot of it (PrtScn SysRq key in the upper right corner). Then you paste that picture to the Roblox Ad template and you can run that ad.

How do you create ads on Roblox?

just click ad

Will you lose your money that you offered on a bid if you lose that bid?

NO. The horse is transferred to the highest bidder but you keep the money!