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invite a lot of friends through the share Roblox with a friend mechanism

thats the nviter badge the other guy is talking about im working on getting my ambasidor badge but it is for making 3 live links on websits to spread roblox to the highest corners of the internet .

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Q: How do you get the inviter badge on roblox?
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How do you invite people over to a place on roblox it says you can because theres a inviter badge.?

You don't invite people to a place on roblox, you invite them to the site itself. To invite people, click Share ROBLOX on your profile, then enter their email and a message, asking them to join roblox. If they sign up, you have successfully invited someone. To get the Inviter badge, you must get three people to sign up for roblox. (edit by Robotica) - You can also 'cheat'. Just make fake email addresses and invite them. Then you get a free badge :P (Edited By Cams69charger) Robotica........No You Cant Do it Like That.......How You Cheat is like This.......First You Must have 3 Computers (uncles and Aunts, dad and moms,or even your grandmothers........) Then You Invite Their Emails and They MUST Install ROBLOX On That Computer Unless You Wont Get Credit For It........Seeya

How do you get Administrator Badge on roblox?

If you work by roblox you get the badge!

How do you get the super moderator badge on roblox?

You need to work in CA for the ROBLOX Company to have that badge.

In Roblox how do you get the administrator badge?

You have to work for roblox to get that badge. you would have to work for it.... but i doubt roblox or other admins would let you

Who is roblotim?

roblotim made roblox because he has all the roblox badge's

How do you get the ambassador badge on roblox?

Well you have have to post ROBLOX advertisements. The number of WORKING links is I believe 3. If they are all working, then you get the badge.

Who is ekl11 on Roblox?

a random user that played roblox, and was never seen again,2 badges,1 badge was a veteran badge.

How do you create badges on roblox?

master badge

How To Get The Place Traffic Award On Roblox?

There are two place traffic awards on Roblox, the Homestead badge and the Bricksmith badge. You must have 100 place visits to get the Homestead badge and you must have over 1,000 to get the Bricksmith.

How do you use a referral code on roblox?

There are two different kinds of referrals on roblox. 1. When you make an account (if 3 people use your referral for this you'll get the Inviter badge.) 2. When somebody gets Builder's Club (any kind.) If somebody uses your referral code, you and the other user will get 400 ROBUX each. You can find your referral code here.

In roblox how do you get the secret of the wind badge?

What game is this badge located in, I would need to know that for me to help you.

Get Where is Dr Octupus roblox badge?

There is none, sorry.