What is the gem for September?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A sapphire. ( it is a pretty blue)

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Q: What is the gem for September?
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Ourworld gem codes for September 2009?

heyy. come check out my blog for all the gem codes! ~ XxXDarkAngel0XxX

What is the our world gem code for 20 gems in September?

the code is ....... 24wysiwyg23

Real our world gem codes answers September 2009?

the code is 6ABE2EDB0F5B51D5.

Gem cheat codes?

The September gem code is on this blog, it is only 10 gems, but there are lots of other tips and stuff for the our world community.

What are the gem codes for September on ourworld?

f58f9e22aaee10bd-10 gemsTaken from:

What is the ourworld 2010 gem coupon September?

i don't know i tried everything but it didn't work

What is the possessive form of gem?

Gem's. Gem's could also be 'gem is' so you have to note the context of the word to tell if it is possessive or 'is' eg The gem's green -- gem's = gem is The gem's colour is green. -- gem's = possessive

Gem codes for September 2009 in ourworld?

f58F-9e22-AaEe-10bD and 4fd0-c149-16d9-0B4alilmissinnocent on our world :)

What is the ourworld gem code for September 2009?



What is October's gem?

october gem is a gifted gem from the undead

Where can you get a coupon for September in ourworld?

Go to She has a lot of good gem codes. The website is new, so there aren't too many, though.