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Fantage, there are people instead of penguins, and, yes, they walk on hover boards.

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Q: What is the game like club penguin but their people and has boards to ride on?
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Club Penguin users?

Club penguin users are the people who play club penguin.

Can you kill people on Club Penguin?

No you cannot kill people on Club Penguin because it is a safe game to meet new friends.

What can one do on the Club Penguin website?

Club Penguin is an MMORPG. This means that on the site the people can play a game called Club Penguin where they interact with others from around the world.

How do you get into the woddrob in Club Penguin?

you have to have the ds club penguin game

What was Club Penguin's first game?

it was still club penguin

What games are similar to club penguin but are not Club Penguin that people can play?

There is game called moshi monsters Also neopets and ourworld

What is a club penguin member account?

A club penguin account is a virtual game where you are a penguin and explore areas. You can meet with new people or find your old friends.

How do you deleat a club penguin game day account?

When you're on the main menu of club penguin game day, click 'Options' and then 'Delete Penguin'. Select your penguin and simply delete it from club penguin game day.

Who can make you a game like club penguin?

To make a game like Club Penguin, you have to make a game like Club Penguin! Sheesh I can't believe you didnt' know that!

What is the blue puffling favorite game on club penguin?

They currently do not have a favorite game on club penguin.

Where are the team backgrounds on Club Penguin?

you need the game on the wii - club penguin game day

On club penguin is there a penguin called Game Junky?

Yes, the name Game Junky has been taken on Club Penguin.