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Will red means stop and green means go the first one to the person saying

red and green wins hope this helped.

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Q: What is the game Red Light Green Light?
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What color would a cucumber appear in green light white light and red light?

A cucumber would appear green in green light, white in white light, and dark in red light as it would absorb most of the red light.

What is the answer to level 44 on the Never Ending Level Game?

light yellow, light green, light blue, brown, dark yellow, dark blue, dark green, then red.

Which light makes when magenta light into green light?

A red light will be needed to combine with magenta light to produce green light. Green light is the complementary color to magenta, so by mixing red light with magenta light, the result will be green light.

What colour is produced by mixing red and green light?

Mixing red and green light produces yellow light. This is because red light and green light combined stimulate both the red and green cone cells in our eyes, creating the perception of yellow.

What color of light is produced when red light and green light is added together?

When red light and green light are added together, yellow light is produced. This is because red and green light combine to stimulate both the red and green cones in our eyes, creating the perception of yellow.

What light has the higher energy red or green?

Green light has higher energy than red light. This is because green light has a shorter wavelength and higher frequency compared to red light.

If red and green light are shining on a red apple what happens to the red and green light?

The red light is absorbed by the red apple, while the green light is reflected. This is because the red apple appears red because it absorbs all colors of light except red, which it reflects.

Does red light have a higher frequency than green light?

No, red light is lower frequency than green light.

How does a red object look in green light?

A red object would appear dark or black in green light because red objects reflect red light and absorb green light. Consequently, there would be little to no red light reflecting off the object in green light, resulting in a lack of color perception.

What happens to a green and red light when they shine on a green leaf?

When green and red light shine on a green leaf, the green light is mostly absorbed by chlorophyll for photosynthesis. The red light is less efficiently absorbed, so some is reflected back, leading to the leaf appearing green to our eyes.

Why green shirt looks black in red light?

When green light is mixed with red light, the colors combine and form black. This is known as subtractive color mixing, where red light subtracts the green color from the green shirt, resulting in it appearing black under red light.

What happens to green light and red light when they shine on a green leaf?

The green light would be reflected, but the red light would be absorbed. ---Ryan Wang---