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green,green,red,red to unlock kitty cat blast

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Q: What is the cheat codes for Lego galaxy squad bug battle game?
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What are some cheat codes for superhero squad online?

boys life HEROUP!!

Is there any marvel Super Hero Squad online get gold cheat codes?

yes there is its sumr it gives you 250 gold

What are the marvel Super Hero Squad cheat codes?

Here are some cheat codes for "Marvel Super Hero Squad" game: For all characters at max level: UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, Y, X For all collections complete: X, Y, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT Remember to input these codes in the game's cheat menu. Enjoy!

What are the codes for marvel Super Hero Squad wii?

i don have it on the wii but i have it on my PSP and the cheat codes are: 1. all 1's 2. all 2's 3. all 3's 4. all 4's 5. all 5's 6. all 6's 7. all 7's 8. all 8's 9. all 9's

What are the codes on marvel Super Hero Squad?


What is the codes for Super Hero Squad online?


What are the codes to marvel superhero squad game?


What are the release dates for Digimon Data Squad - 2006 The Data Squad's Final Battle 1-47?

Digimon Data Squad - 2006 The Data Squad's Final Battle 1-47 was released on: USA: 26 October 2008

What is the first chapter for the battle of the labryinth?

The first chapter is called 'I battle the cheerleading squad'

Are there any unlock codes for ener-g dance squad?


Codes for Super Hero Squad ds?

Noting, there were no codes from DS. To get them, you need to finish the hulk story and last story.

Unlock Spider-Man symbiote for Super Hero Squad?

Cheat code in google