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Q: What is the finished metaphor of the ruby was?
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Can you name a simile and a metaphor of a pink bracelet?

Simile: The necklace was so small it was like a (pink) bracelet Metaphor: The gem was a (pink) bracelet

How do you get the hole to be finished in Pokemon ruby?

bang may from behind 8 times

Why is 'By the time I finished it snowed so much that you could barely tell I did any work' a metaphor?

That is not a metaphor. "The snow was a dirty blanket over the parking lot" would be a metaphor. It is a figure of speech that compares two very different things- snow and a blanket.

If you finished Pokemon ruby How come after the credits the screen goes black?

Your Game Might Be Messed Up

Pokemon Ruby-where do you get diddo?

You can get ditto in Pokemon ruby by beating the Pokemon league then going to the cave the fossil maniac is digging he will be finished digging and he will say to be careful that there are Pokemon in there the Pokemon in there are ditto.

Is there a finished hack for Pokemon ruby with all diamond and pearl Pokemon?

There is. It is called Pokemon Light Platinum. IT is not a full hack so you will have to pastch it in to ruby. Just google Pokemon light platinum

Where can you find more legendary on Pokemon ruby?

there are several islands that can be found after the game is finished. You can get there through the ports if you get the specific ticket.

Where is mr briney after the ss tidal is finished being built on Pokemon ruby?

He is on the S.S. Tidal being the captain with his Peeko

What is metaphor for beautiful?

The baby's cheeks are a beautiful red rose color.

Is my brother was boiling mad a simile or metaphor?

Its a metaphor

What is walking dictionary a simile or a metaphor?

it is neither, it is personification

How do you get to mirage island in pokemonm ruby?

the only way is to use action replay now cause the events were finished 5 years ago.