What is the evil tails doll?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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the evil tails doll is two thing 1. a unlockable character in sonic R 2. a soul stealing evil demonic murderious doll

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Q: What is the evil tails doll?
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Why tails doll is so good sometimes be evil?

Tails Doll is evil because Robotnik made him. Some people thinks Tails Doll is an evil demon, but he is not, Tails Doll is just a badnik doll made by Robotnik in Sonic R.

Is tails doll good or evil?

he is evil

Where can you get a evil tails doll plush in America?

just make one

What is the tails doll and is it really as evil as the YouTube videos say he is?

The TRUE Tails Doll (character from the Videogame Sonic R) wasnt even evil. He is really just the robot equivalent of Tails (Sega must have thought that robot Sonic, Knuckles and Tails would be a stretch for some reason) but anyway the Tails doll is'NT really a possesed toy bent on killing us all and stealing our souls. There are many accounts of proof stating the Tails Doll isn't real. However several people find this idea a goldmine for creativity in the horror section. Thus several fan-made stories are created.The Tails Doll that is rumored to exist in reality also was'NT evil. As additional proof against it before many myths of the doll talking and communicating to people it was originally stated that the Tails Doll wasnt so much as evil as a viod that was hungury for souls; this however was soon bent out of context and the myth became an invincible serial killer that is probably being used right now to scare a 7 year old right now the tails doll was anonced as a evil doll by is scary look but some people know the truth about this doll but still im *!@#$ scared of it oh &*$#$ i souldent of said that It creeps me out but i know its not real but i like the pictures on Google of him when hes not evil even though he isn't and i love tails too cos hes cute Octopus324 says: I'm not sure what I should think about the tails doll. I don't think he's cute and cuddly (especially since he was made by Eggman) but I know he isn't evil either.

Does the tails doll have a girlfriend?

tails dossent have a girlfriend. NOBODY CARES ABOUT TAILS DOLL!!!!!

Are you afraid of the Tails Doll?

I think Tails Doll is awesome!

Why did they make the tails doll?

They wanted Tails to have a robot twin since Sonic and Knuckles did, but they didn't want to be too repetitive. So they made a stuffed animal Tails with robot parts. Unfortunately, it backfired because now everyone thinks Tails Doll is an evil murderer with dark powers, and he is NOT!

Where is female tails doll?

There is no female Tails. Therefore, there can't be a female Tails Doll.

Who is tails plush doll?

The Tails Doll is a character from Sonic R which is a doll version of Tails. It was built by Dr. Robotnik.

Is the Tails Doll afraid of anything?

I've heard that if you hold a Sonic doll in front of Tails Doll's face, he will get scared and leave. The Tails Doll is afraid of Sonic!

Can you tell me everything you know about the tails doll myth and tails doll itself please?

according to the rumor of the curse, if you go into a dark room with a mirror and play can you feel the sunshine backwards the tails doll comes out of the mirror and murders you. This is an educated guess, but I think Tails Doll is scared of Sonic because if you hold up a sonic doll to tails doll then tails doll gets scared and leaves.

How does the tails doll kill people?

tails doll kills you and takes your soul