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The Tails Doll was not originally meant to be creepy, or cursed. Fans created the curse and thus made the Tails Doll seem creepy.

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Q: What caused the Tails Doll from Sonic R to be creepy?
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Is tails doll bad for children?

In my opinion, yes. The Tails Doll is EXTREMELY creepy. He appears in Sonic universe.

Is the Tails Doll afraid of anything?

I've heard that if you hold a Sonic doll in front of Tails Doll's face, he will get scared and leave. The Tails Doll is afraid of Sonic!

If tails doll were real would he want love?

No he isn't, unleses you are talking about in Sonic R. But in real life, he is not for real. :D

How did the Tails Doll Rumor Start?

Some dude with no life played Sonic R and saw tails doll looked kinda creepy, so he/she started a chain letter across the internet saying "LOL if you don't send this to your friends the tails doll will kill you" its kinda creepy to think about a evil doll coming out of your TV or knocking on your door, or sitting in your Backyard, but you know, he's not real...

Who is tails plush doll?

The Tails Doll is a character from Sonic R which is a doll version of Tails. It was built by Dr. Robotnik.

How is tails doll creepy?

People say that he is creepy because of the way he just stares off into space (like Weegee). Also, the fact that they made him a living doll instead of a robot version of Tails is a little creepy, but that doesn't mean all of this Tails Doll Curse stuff is true.

Is there a episode in sonic x when sonic and tails doll fight?


Where did the tails doll curse come from?

Apparently, when the Sonic Gems collection was released in 05, people were playing Sonic R. And when Tails Doll was unlocked and people thought it was "creepy", "The span of Satin" ect. And fans on a forum made up a curse. Yes, the curse is fake. That Tails Doll when you are playing Sonic R, will come to your home and brutally kill you. Or haunt you depending on the circumstances. It is said that when the song "Can you feel the sunshine?" Is played, it seems to loop. Pretty sure this is fake. There are other Rumors on Tails Doll, and If you need more info, type in Tails Doll Knowyourmeme.

What happens when you tag super sonic with tails doll on sonic r?

Well, the everything on the screen will be red, super sonic will be grey, and tails doll will still be its same color. If you see this run! Because tails doll will come out of the screen and kill you

Why is the Tails doll not in the other Sonic games?

The Tails doll scared children. It may also be because people are scared of the Tails doll curse.

Is the tails doll in sonic x?


How do you do the tails doll curse with the game sonic R?

you beat the game sonic r 100% or you tag super sonic with tails doll or you go to the bathroom turn of all the lights play super sonic racing or can you feel the sunshine backwards and you can see the tails doll in the mirror