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[Dragon/Fusion/Effect] The fusion Material Monster for this card are any 5 dragon-type monsters. This monster cannot be Special Summoned except by fusion summon. This card does not take any battle damage and cannot be destroyed by battle with an EARTH, WATER, FIRE, WIND, or DARK monster.(Battle damage is still inflicted to players.)

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Q: What is the effect of Five Headed Dragon?
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Can Five-Headed Dragon be effect by spell traps and effects?

Yes, Five-Headed Dragon only protects itself from being destroyed in battle against monsters with the specified Attributes.

What is the name of the five headed dragon in the 1st season of yugioh?

It is called "Five-Headed Dragon".

How do you get five headed dragon?

you got five headed dragon when you bought the dinosaur special edited

What is the name of the five-headed dragon in the Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game?

Simply five headed dragon. Or F.G.D (five god dragon), on Japanese copies.(EXTRA INFO) FIVE HEADED DRAGON IS SUMMONED BY FUSING 5 DRAGONS AND I MEAN ANY!

What the name of a five headed dragon?

a hydria

Is the Five-Headed Dragon in Yu-Gi-Oh a god card?

No, "Five-Headed Dragon" is not considered a god card. All of the god cards are characterized by having a DIVINE attribute and a Divine-Beast type while "Five-Headed Dragon" is DARK and Dragon.

Is dragon master knight the strongest yu-gi-oh card?

it has the same ATK and DEF as five headed dragon (five god dragon in japanese) but they are the strongest real monster`s in the game without effect`s

Can 'Five-Headed Dragon' be affected by spell cards?

Five-Headed Dragon has absolutely no protection against Spell Cards. They affect him the same as any other monster.

Can you summon five headed dragon without a fusion deck?


Can you tribute Five-Headed Dragon for Elemental Burst in Yu-Gi-Oh?

No. Elemental Burst requires you to tribute an Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water monster. Five-Headed Dragon is only a Dark monster (and of no other Attribute), so it can't be tributed for Elemental Burst's effect.

Can a five headed dragon kill a mirror wall?

depends on how many life points your opponent offered. If they offered 4000 or less, than yes. five headed dragon can attack

What are the five dragons you need to summon 5 headed dragon?

Any 5 dragon monsters

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