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I trained my swampert to lv. 100 but a water Pokemon in 80s is good too. Also good to bring grass Pokemon in 80s.


my team had a swampert (52) a salamence (50) raquaza (80) groudon (74) kyogre (73) metagross (47)

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Q: What is the easiest way to defeat Steven in Pokemon Emerald?
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What town is steven in pokemon' emerald?

Steven lives is a house in Mossdeep City. His house is northwest of the Pokemon Center. After you defeat him, you go to his house to get a Beldum.

What does stevven in Pokemon Emerald do?

Steven in Pokemon emerald is a rock collecter. With his help you also defeat team magma in Mossdeep city. Back in the days of Ruby and Sapphire he used to be the Pokemon champion, but now he is replaced with the former gym leader Wallace.

When you defeat Pokemon emerald noland will you get th Pokemon you use?

no no

How do you get fly in Pokemon emerald?

defeat winona first

What Pokemon do you need to defeat your dad in Pokemon emerald?

Pokemon with fighting type moves

How do you defeat steven in Pokemon ruby?

have a strong fire Pokemon or fire move

How do you defeat emerald city on Pokemon in Game Boy?

That makes no sense. Do you mean how do you beat Pokemon Emerald for the Game boy?

How do you defeat the Eleite 4 on Pokemon Emerald?

stupid question. ill tell u how. use ure Pokemon to defeat them

Pokemon emerald how do i learn to dive?

First you need the HM that teachs Dive its obtained from Steven after you defeat Team Magma at the Space Center at Mossdeep City to get it go to his house and talk to him to get it.

Where to find dive in emerald?

In Mossdeep City, Steven will give it to you.

How do you end Pokemon Emerald?

you must catch all Pokemon and defeat the elite 4.

How do you defeat a Steven on Pokemon ruby?

To defeat Steven, obtain all eight badges. Then go to Ever Grande City and defeat the Elite Four. You should have a strong Fire-type Pokemon or a good fire-type move.