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Every Nature raises and lowers two different stats. If the nature is neutral, it does not raise or lower any particular stat.


Hardy: Does not change any stat

Lonely: Raises attack, lowers defense

Brave: Raises attack, lowers speed

Adamant: Raises attack, lowers special attack

Naughty: Raises attack, lowers special defense

Docile: Does not change any stat

Relaxed: Raises defense, lowers speed

Impish: Raises defense, lowers special attack

Lax: Raises defense, lowers special defense

Bold: Raises defense, lowers attack

Serious: Does not change any stat

Timid: Raises speed, lowers attack

Hasty: Raises speed, lowers defense

Jolly: Raises speed, lowers special attack

Naive: Raises speed, lowers special defense

Bashful: Does not change any stat

Modest: Raises special attack, lowers attack

Mild: Raises special attack, lowers defense

Quiet: Raises special attack, lowers speed

Rash: Raises special attack, lowers special defense

Quirky: Does not change any stat

Calm: Raises special defense, lowers attack

Gentle: Raises special defense, lowers defense

Sassy: Raises special defense, lowers speed

Careful: Raises special defense, lowers special attack

Note: "Raises" means the stat grows at 110% of what it normally would. "Lowers" means the stat grows at 90% of what it normally would.

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Q: What is the differences between natures in Pokemon?
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I am trying to get some apps for your PoketchApp and I need to show Pokemon with a Serious Naive Quirky nature how do I make my Pokemon have these natures?

you cannot make a Pokemon have these natures, you have no control over their natures. Try checking in your Pokemon's summary in all of your PC boxes as well.

What do the natures in pokemo Pokemon LeafGreen do?

Natures give your Pokemon stat changes and a personality has well not all natures change stats like Docile nature, personality just makes the Pokemon unique it also sets what kind of pokeblock or poffin the Pokemon likes.

What are all the natures in Pokemon platinum and what stat do they help?

For all thepokemon natures and what stat they help visit and search for natures.

What do the natures mean in Pokemon ruby which is best?

The natures determine how a Pokemon grows, for more info go to:

What do the natures mean in Pokemon Diamond?

Natures (not JUST in Pokemon Diamond) give your Pokemon one stat boost, as well as one stat hinderance. For example, Adamant increases attack and reduces special attack. Some natures don't have ANY effect. If you need a chart for natures, I have one made here:

What are the natures for the female Pokemon starters in Pokemon Sky?

NatureFemale ChoicesBraveCharmanderBoldSquirtleCalmCydnaquilDocileBulbasaurHardyTreeckoHastyPikachuImpishChimcharJollyEeveeLonelyMudkipNaïveSkittyQuietChikoritaQuirkyPiplupRashTorchicRelaxedVulpixSassyTotodileTimidTurtwig

What are the differences between Pokemon gold and heartgold?

The Pokemon that appear and the frequency of them appearing.

Why are some Pokemon without natures?

Every Pokemon since the 3rd generation games (Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald) has a nature. If there are no natures, you're playing a 1st generation (Red/Blue/Yellow) or 2nd generation (Gold/Silver/Crystal) game. Those games don't have natures for Pokemon.

What does each nature of Pokemon in firered mean?

Pokemon natures represent the growth of that Pokemon and what stats are increased and what stats are reduced.

Is there a cheat that controls Pokemon natures?

No their is not one that i know of if their is it would be on code

What are riolu favorite berry?

A Pokemon likes berries based on natures, not species.

Which Pokémon has serious nature in Pokémon diamond?

no one Pokemon has a certain nature, you just catch Pokemon and they have different natures.