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Ness is older than Lucas. Ness has a PK Thunder that when it hits him , he attacks a single blow , Lucas, a million of tiny hits. Ness' PK Fire stays still (and hits combos) and goes any direction. Lucas has a fire pillar and one single hit and it goes straight in the air.

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Q: What is the difference of Ness and Lucas in SSBB?
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When was Ness from ssbb born?

1998, in a game called Earthbound. So is Lucas

How do you unlock Ness in SSBB?

To unlock Ness in SSBB ,you must play 5 (offline) brawl matches, reflect 10 projectiles or defeat him in Subspace Emissary Mode.

How old are ness and lucas?

Lucas and Ness are both 11 years old.

Who are the 12 hidden chracters in ssbb?

its lucas, marth, wolf, toon link, ness, luigi, falco, captain falcon, lucario, r.o.b., mr. game and watch, ganondorf, and jigglypuff.

Will ness be in Super Smash Bros. brawl?

Ness is in the game, along with Lucas, Lucas is considered a "luigified clone" character.

What game are ness and lucas in?

Ness is from Mother 2, Lucas is from Mother 3. They both appear in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and Ness apears in both Super Smash Bros. and Melee

Is ness older than lucas?

not sure... problably

Is there a earthbound where lucas and nessi met?

Ness and Lucas only met in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Ness is in Earthbound/Mother 2 and Lucus is in Mother 3.

Are Ness and Lucas from Super Smash Bros Brawl brothers?

No - Ness and Lucas are unrelated. They come from the MOTHER series of video games. Ness is in the 2nd Mother Game, which is called Mother 2, a.k.a. EarthBound. Lucas is in the 3rd Mother Game, which is called Mother 3. Lucas lives hundreds of years after Ness, and they don't even know each other exist. They kind of "came together" in Brawl, though.

Is lucas better than ness on super smash brothers brawl?

I will try to make this easy for you. It depends who you use more if you have more experience. The pk thunder on ness is fast but it shoots you not that high. On lucas it's slow but takes you farther. Pk fire ness damages you and u might get stuck in it. on lucas it pushes you a little. So basically it depends who you use more I use lucas and ness but i think Lucas is better because he has a super strong UP-A attack.

Who is the best character in brawl?

Ike,Link,ness,and lucas

Can you buy characters ness or lucas?

No... you can't buy anything.