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Watching TV means that you are watching the channels and programmes that are sent to your TV by media companies. Basically, your only choice is to change channels or switch off. Playing video games is often interactive, and is a different side to media, internet and social interaction, etc.

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Q: What is the difference between watching television and playing video games?
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What is the difference between playing video games and watching TVwhat is betterwaching tv or playing video game?

Playing video games because you are interacting with your TV

Is playing xbox the same as watching tv?


Do kids spend more time watching television than playing outside?

kids spend time watching tv than playing outside

Is watching TV and playing on the TV the same thing?

no it's not the same

Do you burn more calories playing on the computeror watching tv?

You burn more calories playing on the computer than watching TV. Both burn very few calories, though.

What does Aston merrygold enjoy?

playing psp singin going out watching tv

What are Barun Sobti's hobbies?

Watching tv,playing cricket, listning music.....

What is difference between playing sports and watching sports?

Playing Sports is giving the exercise and fulfilling a enjoyable activity Watching Sports is actually the same thing, your in the action, imagining yourself in that game, but you not moving. So the action part is really the difference.

Is watching tv for 7 hours better than playing Xbox for 1 hour?

Well firstly, 7 hours is much too long to be watching TV for and there's nothing wrong with 1 hour of playing on consoles. It also depends on what game your playing.

Is watching tv and playing video games the same?

in TV you just watch it and nothing else but in video games you are using a joy stick etc. and watching the graphics on the TV

Is dungeons and dragons addictive?

No more addictive than watching TV or playing Monopoly.

Is it better to watch TV than to play on a XBOX?

Depends what game your playing or what show you are watching.