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No, playing Video Games does not rot your brain. In fact, it helps your brain. Your reflexes become sharper and you can think faster than people who don't play them. You can really tell a difference.

I'm not sure about tv though. If you mean a video game, no, but if you mean watching sitcoms and movies and tv shows, I'm not to sure. But in my opinion, you learn a lot about the world from tv. Yeah, they exaggerate stuff, but a lot of that can be applied to real life.

Make sure you do these activities in moderation though. Too much of a good thing can be bad.

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Q: Do video games and tv really rot your brain?
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Are video games rot your brain?

Contrary to what a number of people who are anti-video games, video games do not rot your brain. Some people use that phrase as an expression. It really doesn't rot your brain! A recent study showed that it actually improves logic and reasoning skills, and in some cases social skills.

Is the myth video games rot your brain true?

No. There are many studies that show the opposite is true.

Can you really rot your brain playing video games?

No. Video games can teach observation, strategy, and quick thinking. But if you're sitting on your butt playing video games ALL the time, you're not getting any exercise or sunlight or fresh air. Too much of anything is bad.

Is it all right to play Pokemon white for 2 hours?

I do it. It is phsicly impossible for video games to rot your brain, which is what most parents say. The only way for your brain to rot is if you dont get oxygen. So, it is ok.

What is the worst viedo game is history?

Video games are a waste of time. They rot your brain. So don't play them. In answer to your question, they all are.

Does video games make kids dumb?

No, some video games actually make you smarter like Minecraft. It is all about building and takes survival skills to play. Some moms think video games rot your brain. Kids think video games are awesome and fun. That is also what I think.

What kind of disease can you get in playing computer games?

brain damage no disease.ur brain will rot

Will Wii rot your brain?

no because you are active in most of the games ( wii play wii sports, etc).

Is SpongeBob supose to rot your brain?

spongebob does rotten Your brain

What is the weirdest video on YouTube?

Crooked (orcus) rot by David Firth.

Can cell phone usage prevent brain rot?

nope, makes it worse.

Does tv rot kids brains?

Although almost all research sites you can go to say that it does actually rot your brain, sending "Alpha Rays" to the left side of the brain, etc, etc. What I think is that TV doesn't rot your brain, it just replaces thinking with something that DOESN'T reduce your IQ, but just doesn't build it. So, TV does NOT rot your brain, it just replaces thinking.