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Volbeat is male and illumise is female

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Q: What is the difference between volbeat and illumise in Pokemon?
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Pokemon diamond how to evolve a volbeat into an illumise?

VOLBEAT DOESN'T EVOLVE INTO ILLUMISE..VERONICAHey, it's a common misconception. Anyways, that's still right. Illumise and Volbeat are two different pokemon; Volbeat being only male, Illumise, femaleI was going to tell you that you were wrong but it turnes out you are exactly rightlol.

What does illumise evolve into?

Illumise does not evolve. However, there is a Pokemon very similar to it called Volbeat. It should also be noted that Illumise is always female, and Volbeat is always male.

Which Pokemon know the move covet?

Illumise and probably Volbeat. I've never tried it on Volbeat.

If a illumise and volbeat had an egg what would it hatch into?

It would hatch into either Illumise or Volbeat.

Is illuminise a rare Pokemon?

Illumise, along with her male counterpart, Volbeat, are not considered "rare" Pokemon, but they are hard to find.

Is Volbeat or Illumise better?

Volbeat and Illumise have the exact same stats, except Volbeat has higher Attack than Sp. Atk, while vice-versa for Illumise. If you want a Bug that uses physical moves like Dynamicpunch or Mega Kick, use Volbeat. If you prefer special like Shock Wave and Solarbeam, use Illumise.

What happens if you breed volbeat and immulise?

you either get volbeat or illumise..its really 50/50

What Pokémon give differenr Pokemon after breeding?

The two that I know of is that a Nidoking bred with a Ditto will result in either a Nidoran(Male) or a Nidoran(Female) which are different pokemon. Also an Illumise can breed with any male pokemon (that it can breed with) or a volbeat with a ditto, and that will result in either a Volbeat which is always male, or an Illumise which is always female. For some strange reason, Nidorina and Nidoqueen cannot breed. I have no idea why.

What type of Pokemon is Volbeat?

Volbeat is a Bug type pokemon.

Can volbeat be a female in Pokemon Sapphire?

No. Volbeat is a male-only Pokemon.

Location of volbeat in Pokemon Emerald?

You can find voltbeat at route 117. I would use the grass next to the flowers since they show up there.You can find Volbeat near route 117, but it is REALLY HARD TO FIND!i caught him after going into the grass about 20 times i thought it would be alot harder to find him you have to have an illumise in your party

Where to get volbeat in emerald?

You can find Volbeat on Route 117 in Pokemon Emerald Version.