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CSO is a compressed version of an ISO. It is good because it will take up less memory on your memory card but the game will be less stable than an ISO. It all depends on how much memory you have to spare. Also don't think think that CSO's are completely unstable, they may just have some rare issues.

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Q: What is the difference between ISO and CSO?
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What is the difference between iso games and cso games?

Iso games run faster. And CSO Has less Memory Point Is ISO take More Memory But Its Smoother than smooth(If that Game is ISO no need to Media install,Even if you Did It wont do much),While Cso is at Regular speed But Memory is lower than ISO..Thats all -Improve By Cyruz Lovehatred Vinoya

What does iso in PSP?

iso and cso can either play in psp.

How do you open cso file?

you must you Iso it worked on my computer

What kind of format does a downloaded psp game have to be?

cso or iso

What type of file will work on psp is it cso or iso?

both :):):)

What does CSO stand for?

Community Service Officer.

Can you download iso Or CSO file with a dvb card?

No, you can not directly download an .iso or .cso file with a DVB card. Usually, downloads with a DVB card produce files of the DVB format which have the extension .dvb.

PSP Game Formats For PSP?

*.cso and *.iso are the formats of the psp games

Does iso or cso games work on psp on ofw?

nope, you must be installed cfw before

What is the difference between COPC and ISO?


What format are PSP roms in?

PSP roms are in ISO format. They are in the ISO 9660 standard. However, it can be compressed to CSO, DAX, or JSO, proprietary formats developed for the PSP

How do you install an iso game in psp?

You need to have a custom firmware to put iso/cso games. 1. put your psp in usb cable. 2. make a folder name " ISO". 3. go to Websitef to get your games then put it in the folder. 4. exit out then press select the you go to the 4th row the go to the secong last and put it no umb sony. 5. then you go to ur game folder and there you go ur iso/cso.