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You need to have a custom firmware to put iso/cso games. 1. put your psp in usb cable. 2. make a folder name " ISO". 3. go to Websitef to get your games then put it in the folder. 4. exit out then press select the you go to the 4th row the go to the secong last and put it no umb sony. 5. then you go to ur game folder and there you go ur iso/cso.

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Q: How do you install an iso game in psp?
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How can you install a PSP game onto the PSP if you get it from a website?

If once you download it, if it comes in a ISO file then you need to put it in the ISO folder in the root of your memory stick in the ISO folder you can ask more questions here

PSP Game Formats For PSP?

*.cso and *.iso are the formats of the psp games

How do you install GTA 4 iso which is of 6GB size. Is it for the PSP?

no it is not for the psp .. if you want to play mount the iso with alcohol 120% on a double layer dvd you can find it here

What kind of format does a downloaded psp game have to be?

cso or iso

How do you get iso on PSP?

iso is a file name so do u mean the iso folder or a iso game matter the iso folder can u get with custom firemware iso games can be downloaded from examlpe pirate buy but u need custom firemware or flashed psp

What does iso in PSP?

iso and cso can either play in psp.

What is a PSP iso?

ISO is the format in which the games of the PSP is saved as.Most of the PSP games are in ISO or CSO.So if you search for PSP ISO in a search engines, those that came up are probably PSP games for downloads.

How do you get Angry Birds for your PSP?

Download the ISO and Convert it to an EBOOT, then place it in your psp/game folder on your card then play.

How do you install PSP game on your PSP?

You have to buy and download them from the PlayStation store

How do you install and play a game in the form of an iso?

Mount the .iso image in a program called DEAMON TOOLS (free download on the internet) and then install the game just as you would install it with a DVD-ROM

How do you play an ISO file on the PSP?

open your memory card or plug in the usb connector then copy your ISO file/game to the ISO folder in the memory card.

How do you use a Nintendo DS emulator?

Download a GAme Of PSp Then Copy ITs iso File And PAste IT In the mso directory of PSp