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The Crumbling Stone tower is used with the underground feature in platinum, to unlock Spiritomb, the dark\ghost type pokemon. You need the Odd keystone[needed to unlock the tower], Google it if you dont alreayd have one. Then you need to go underground and talk to one of your friends 32 times[you can go in your base, out again, talk to the person, and repeat], once you do this, go to the crumbling stone, and interact with it. This triggers a battle with a spiritomb[i think its level 25]. Its worthwhile to catch, as it really has no weaknesses.

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Q: What is the crumbling stone tower for?
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How do you get in the crumbling tower?

You don't, it is used to catch spiritomb after meeting 36 people underground

How do you catch spirtomb in Pokemon platinum i know talk to 32 people underground do you have go back up then come back down each time you talk to a person or just enter and exit your secret base?

No you need to put the odd keystone in the crumbling tower, go underground talk to a friend 32 times (does not include explorers) and then go back up. talk to the crumbling tower just south of solaceon town and you get spiritomb.

How do you catch Spiritomb in heartgold?

You have to go to your home city in platinum surf go to the corners and press a and you should find a hidden keystone sothen you fly to the town where the pokemon daycare is and keep going down until you see a crumbling tower use the odd keystone go under groundtalk to ten people go back up press on the tower ando

In Pokemon Diamond how do you get the Pokemon Spiritomb?

Iron Thorn Z Pokemon Questions HelperAnswer: First you have to get an Odd Key Stone. Then go to Route 209 and place it in the Spirit Tower Well, a well made of stone. You can get the Odd Key Stone by diging in the underground or by finding it, lying about sinnoh. After Placing the Odd Key Stone into the Spirit Tower go to the underground, and talk to 32 people (friends) via wireless(Hikers don't count). After talking to all 32 people, get back to the Spirit Tower and talk to it. You will battle Spiritomb at a fairly low level. Hope That Helped!

How do you make a castle in minecraft?

You just get lots of stone together and build loads of fortresses together. Make little watchout towers with a small stone tower and some decorative blocks at the top.

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What do you do with the crumbling tower in salceon town in Pokemon diamond?

go underground when you get the national dex the try finding an odd key stone the click on the crumbling tower and it will ask you to put the odd key stone in then say yes.

Where is the stone tower in Pokemon platinum?

The stone tower is located in route 209 when you enter cross thee bridges .Then go pass the jogger guys and then you go strait then the crumbling tower is strait ahead.sorry about miss spelled words:)

Where is crumbling tower in pearl?

go past hearthome city and go to the far east and there should be the crumbling tower

WHERE is the hollowed tower in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

"The hollowed tower" is referring to the crumbling pile of rocks south of Solaceon Town

What is a column in a sentence?

The stone column that supports the ceiling is crumbling away.

In Pokemon pearl does the Spiritomb at crumbling tower always female?

yes but in diamond its a man

How do you get in the crumbling tower?

You don't, it is used to catch spiritomb after meeting 36 people underground

When was Stone Tower created?

Stone Tower was created in 1991.

Can you give a example of a sentence using the word crumbling?

The ancient castle was closed to visitors because the stone framework was crumbling away, making the steps and turrets dangerous.

How do you get the odd keystone the ninja just says go to route 209 go underground blablabla?

He should've already given you the odd keystone the 1st time you talked to him. After that put it in the crumbling tower on route 209. If you talk to enough people under ground by the Crumbling tower then you should be able to find Spiritomb by the Tower.

Where is Spiritomb in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

you get it by putting the key thingy in the tower near solceon city. then talk to people under ground 50 times and go to the tower (not the lost tower) the crumbling tower then spriritome will appear.

When was Benton Stone Water Tower created?

Benton Stone Water Tower was created in 1900.