What is the cover fossil?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The Cover Fossil would be the fossilized remains of Tirtouga.

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Q: What is the cover fossil?
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What is Tirtouga's fossil called?

the cover fossil

Where abouts is the cover fossil on Pokemon black?

cover fossil can be found in the desert ruins.....

Where can you find a cover fossil in Pokemon black?

A man in the first floor of the Relic castle will offer you the choice of a Cover fossil or a Plume Fossil.

Which fossil has which Pokemon in Pokemon black?

Cover Fossil is Tirtouga. Plume Fossil is Archen.

What are the two fossil Pokemon of Pokemon Black?

Tirtouga from the Cover fossil, and Archen from the Plume fossil.

What Pokemon fossil is tirtouga revived from?

Tirtouga comes from the Cover Fossil.

What is a plume fossil?

The plume fossil is a fossil that contains the Pokemon archen but you can either get the plume fossil or the cover fossil from this guy in the relic castle.

What is the cover?

The Cover Fossil would be the fossilized remains of Tirtouga.

How many fossil types are there?

You have 9 types: Armor Fossil, Claw Fossil, Cover Fossil, Dome Fossil, Helix Fossil, Old Amber, Plume Fossil, Root Fossil, Skull Fossil

What is cover fossil in Pokemon White?

The cover fossil is the Pokemon Tirtouga - a Water/Rock-type Pokemon and #070 in the Unova region.

Can you get both the cover fossil and the plume fossil in Pokemon black?

no you cant but i will tell you witch is the strongest it is archen the plume fossil

Who do you talk to get fossils on pokemonwhite?

when you go into relic castle you will find a hiker that will give you a choice between a plume fossil and a cover fossil.if you bring the cover fossil to the musuem in nacreen city and talk tothe person on the right,he will ask you if you want him to turn your cover fossil into a the same with the plume fossil and he wil ask you if you want him to turn your plume fossil into a archen.