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the conflict is that the husband was stuck for four days with his wife

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Q: What is the conflict of death by scrabble?
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What is the conflict between president snow and katniss how is it resolved?

Conflict: Rebellion. Resolution: Death.

What is conflict in the movie Up?

Carl trying to get past death of Ellie. It's an internal conflict.

What is the internal conflict in 'Antigone'?

that Creon wants to put her to death.

What is the conflict in the incident in a rose garden?

the gardener encounters death

What was the conflict with the black death?

If you are asking about what famous war was going on at the time of the Black Death, it was the Hundred Years' War.

What is the theme in the short story Death By Scrabble?

Life & Death

What were the characteristics of classicism?

Drama is characterized by action and conflict. All classical drama pieces were filled with intense conflict such as love struggles and death.

What is the internal conflict to A Bend In The Road?

Miles' internal conflict deals with his wife's death and how he misses her & having someone to love. Sarah's internal conflict deals with her divorce and the fact that she is unable to get pregnant.

Why should conflict diamonds be banned?

Conflict diamonds fund death, mayhem, terrorism and general human destruction. Limiting access to them saves lives.

Who replaced Pericles after his death in 429 BC?

After the death of Pericles, he was replaced by Cleon. Under his direction Athens renewed the conflict with Sparta.

What is the main conflict in 'The Bucket List'?

The man conflict is man vs. death. Two men are terminally ill and want to accomplish some things before they die.

What is tears of a tiger external conflict?

An internal conflict is Andy Jackson versus himself. He feels guilty about Robs death. Andy thinks he should of have died, not Rob.