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i think the climax is just at the end when he finds the perfect word QUAKE.

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Q: What is the climax of death by scrabble?
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What is example of climax?

There are many different types of climax in stories. One example of a climax in a story is the death of a main character.

The climax of Hamlet is Ophelia's death?

Is it? I would have said it was Polonius's death.

What is climax in The Charmer by Budge Wilson?

the death of the child

What is the climax in masque of the red death?

The climax occurs when the Red Death moves from the blue room to the final black room and Prospero follows him in.

What is the climax of the appointment in Samara story?

In "The Appointment in Samarra," the climax occurs when the servant, attempting to outrun Death, discovers Death waiting for him in Samarra. This moment reveals the futility of trying to escape fate and highlights the inevitability of death.

What are the release dates for Climax - 1954 Sit Down with Death 2-28?

Climax - 1954 Sit Down with Death 2-28 was released on: USA: 26 April 1956

Why is johnnys death the climax of the outsiders?

because everything leads up to it

What are the release dates for Climax - 1954 Albert Anastasia - His Life and Death 4-19?

Climax - 1954 Albert Anastasia - His Life and Death 4-19 was released on: USA: 27 February 1958

What is the climax in the story mice and men?

I don't think there is any real climax in the novel, but their is definitely an anticlimax at the end of the novel. Throughout the novel clues are unfolded into how the story could end (Lennie's death/ death of Candy's dog/ death of mouse).

Which literary elements are in 'Death in the Woods'?

what is exposition,rising action, climax, falling action, resolution in death in the woods

What is the climax of sunrise over fallujah?

The climax of this book was most likely the part where Captain Coles was killed by a roadside mortar. This was the first death of a main character in the book, and this part had, overall, more action and conflict than most other parts in the book. Therefore, Coles's death was the climax of 'Sunrise over Fallujah.'

What do they do after the bull is tired in a bull fight?

They kill it. The death of the bull is the climax of the bull fight.