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There isn't a code for the lava wallpaper on Moshi Monsters, although you can buy it at DIY in Sludge Street.

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Q: What is the code to get the lava wallpaper on Moshi Monsters?
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What is the code for a volcanic floor in Moshi Monsters?

The code for the Lava Floor is: SLUDGESTREET

How do you get the volcano floor on Moshi Monsters?

There is no "volcano" floor on Moshi Monsters. You are probably looking for the Lava Flow Floor which you can get with the code: sludgestreet

What is the secret code to get lava floor on moshi monsters?

When you are on level 7 go to the place with the blue dude and he will have it. In addition: You can get the Lavaflow Floor by entering the MoPod Code: sludgestreet in the Secret Code box when you sign in.

How do you get the red rocky lava floor on moshi monsters?

Lavaflow floor: sludgestreet ADD ME-nikkipam

How do you get the lava lamp on moshi monsters?

u have 2 be a member & then go 2 horrods on sludge street

Where is Elder Furi on Moshi Monsters?

Elder Furi is at the secret place in the lava at the Volcano but you need to be a paid member and get a secret key!

How do you get codes for things for your home on moshi monsters?

There are lots of codes for moshi monsters. when you are done please add me, I'm andreamorgan, also add my friend corton22. sludgestreet: lava floor puzzlepalace: disco floor MONSTERS fangtastic moshimoshi11 googenhime22 giftisland23 gingersnap11 bigbadbill31 moshlingzoo1 profpurplex6 Port

How do you get the lava wall paper for moshi monsters?

go to diy shop or yukea, and check to see if its there, if not, check back every 15 mins until its there

How do you find something to carry the lava on the mission on moshi monsters please tell me?

you get the shell from the starting island with sand castles and give it to the crab on tiki tiki tropics! :)

How do you get the Moshi Monsters Magazine on Moshi Monsters?

This item is given with a secret code.

How do you get the lava floor on moshi monsters?

There is a link at the bottom of the game pages which takes you to a page where you can enter codes. To get the Lavaflow Floor, type sludgestreet in the box that says 'Enter Code Here' and enter your code.

What is the airport code for Mota Lava Airport?

The airport code for Mota Lava Airport is MTV.